And by "toasty," I mean we were working in the triple digits. But bless the three (four?) of them...they gave their hearts for their photo session and even put up with my indecisive parking error ;-) (gotta love Austin and her random middle-of-the-week-blow-out-concerts). I was *very* tempted to jump into that fountain myself, by the way.

Little man's smile was totally contagious while I was editing this session and it really made me even more excited to meet that little girl still cooking away. I think she's going to be pretty happy to find she has two amazing parents and a super-loving big brother all ready to welcome her.

On the subject of newborn photography, in case you missed it, photogs, my feature in Pix Magazine came out this week. What a cool publication and it's FREE!

P.S. Be sure to see my personal favorite image from this session not shown here, but HERE ;-)

Night night!

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Pop on over to The Creative Mama today! (There's a free download, too!)

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Just a tad. It's kind of fun to see the feature in this issue of CHIC Magazine, but even cooler to be among so many other incredible photographers and tons of photog eye-candy! Although, reading through my own Day in the Life, I may have given myself a headache ;-)
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October 18, 2011

if you have small children, if you one day will have small children, if you work with small children, take some time today to read THIS story.

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October 8, 2010

art1_austin_family_photographer.jpgart2_austin_lifestyle_family_photographer.jpgFun little article that appeared in Community Impact Newspaper today.  Very honored to be featured with so many other talented photographers in Austin!!! [To read full issue online, go here and download the Lake Travis | Westlake Oct 2010 edition]

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