October is full,
November is almost, too,
Book your holiday session now,
Or you'll be blue.

We can hold it in July
Or August is neat.
For a full session those months,
You'll get a special treat.

Obviously I'm tired,
And my poetry is lame.
But without family pictures,
Your cards simply won't be the same.


Okay, enough of that. (I can't believe I went there.) All I wanted to say was this:

  • Check out the Session Openings calendar to see what's left.
  • If you're willing to hold your family session in July or August, you'll receive a FREE set of 24 flat holiday cards (choose one from 5 designs - those two above included). To qualify, session must be booked by May 31st, 2011 (mini or Xpressions sessions do not qualify for this offer).
  • To find out how to reserve your session and get information on the NEW flat-rate pricing structure, please complete THIS FORM.

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I think it's safe to say mom's idea for this one was spot on.

[Wide format folded card: front, inside left, inside right, and back]

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