And by "toasty," I mean we were working in the triple digits. But bless the three (four?) of them...they gave their hearts for their photo session and even put up with my indecisive parking error ;-) (gotta love Austin and her random middle-of-the-week-blow-out-concerts). I was *very* tempted to jump into that fountain myself, by the way.

Little man's smile was totally contagious while I was editing this session and it really made me even more excited to meet that little girl still cooking away. I think she's going to be pretty happy to find she has two amazing parents and a super-loving big brother all ready to welcome her.

On the subject of newborn photography, in case you missed it, photogs, my feature in Pix Magazine came out this week. What a cool publication and it's FREE!

P.S. Be sure to see my personal favorite image from this session not shown here, but HERE ;-)

Night night!

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A little more than a year ago, I met Lauren at one of my photography workshops and I instantly knew I liked her. She's smart, kind, lovely, and extremely talented as well. She's a fantastic mommy and I know that shows through in these images. I know it was VERY hot that evening they drove out to the studio (a long drive from Dallas, too), and I have to say her kiddos really pulled through for the session. Candy Land on the bed was a rockin' idea, Lauren! Lots of snuggles, lots of love, and lots of memories captured at this moment...when her baby girl is her baby and her son still lets her kiss him in public. Makes me catch my breath to think that will one day disappear for me, too.

And really, are you kidding me with that amazing dress??? I told her I don't care what it cost her, it was worth every penny! (Wanna see my personal fav image from the session?)

Lauren, I truly enjoyed this evening with you all and wished it didn't end. Dallas is too far, my friend. We must see each other more often!

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Her mommy and I have been planning this session since last fall and when it finally came to fruition, the vision couldn't have been executed more perfectly. It was as if sundrops were falling onto our canvas that evening...painting with light and yellow and all things summery and breezy. As I was proofing these images, I kept thinking over and over, "My...this little girl is SO loved!" You can see it in the snuggles, you can see it in the way her parents look at her, you can see it in her own grin. She is a lucky little girl! Thank you, Chantal, for the honor of photographing your sweet little family.

[Be sure to see one of my favs from the session not shown here.]
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As the oppressive summer heat settles in, my mind can't help but to drift back to my favorite season...in a setting on an evening that was pure magic. [last time we saw them...]

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She had mentioned red, white, blue, and sparklers for her session. The day of, I happened upon the PERFECT quilt at an antique store. But the quilt and the sparklers aside, it was their comfort and connection as a family that made this session for me. Her son is such a gentleman. Her oldest daughter is full of life. And that baby girl is full throttle, no fear, she believes she can do anything, LOL! (I don't normally let kids climb on ladders at my session...they found it and there was NO stopping that little one!)

And they just take it all in stride. You can see the pride in mom's face when looking at what she and her husband have created together. You can see how much her husband loves them all. *That's* the kind of thing that makes me grin from ear to ear whenever I'm proofing a session: when you can actually SEE love.

(To see another one of my favs from this session, don't miss this one!)
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