Our first attempt at capturing their adorable little baby bump was met with quite the challenge. I had been watching the weather *all* day and was starting to see the storm chances increase greatly right at the time we were supposed to start our photo shoot at Mueller Park in Austin. So I had the bright idea of moving the session up a few hours…to beat the storms. And instead, THIS happened. We waited, and waited, and waited…I mean, we were already there…everyone was already made up and looking gorgeous. Finally, it looked like the storm had cleared, so we ventured out. We hadn’t even taken 10 pictures before it started raining on us AGAIN :-(…just out of nowhere! Fortunately, we were able to kill some time in Lick Ice Cream, but we still had to wait and wait and wait some more. I have to say, the soon-to-be big sister held on as long as she could and was quite the trooper, but when the sun finally did come out that day, we had already lost our window and we had to call it. Even I was surprised to find we actually were able to get quite a few fun images on our first day, but I was glad everyone made it back AND there was no rain on the second day:

Favity fav is HERE. I’ll be seeing this beautiful family *very* soon when their new baby decides to make an appearance!