Lifestyle Photography Workshops – Austin, Texas

Since 2011, hundreds of photographers from all over the world have attended the Pinkle Toes Lifestyle Photography workshops in Texas, Missouri, New Jersey, Northern and Southern California, Washington state, and Canada. Now, we’re back in Austin for Mar 2016! CONTACT ME ASAP and I will send you full details! You may also put in a request for future workshop locations, but as of now, the March workshop in Austin is the last planned workshop for 2016.

(I’d like to send out a HUGE thank you to Minnette Demafiles in Houston, TX for the wonderful video clips and to all of the past workshop attendees for their fantastic behind-the-scenes images featured in this video!)

Note that at this time, individuals less than 65 mi. from Austin, TX are not eligible to participate in the Pinkle Toes workshops or mentorships.

My workshop posts and images:
But, probably the best way to get the clearest vision of what you can get out of the workshop is to check out these posts and images from past attendees detailing their experiences: