She is a complete angel and was so precious throughout her entire newborn photo shoot…even at the end when we were trying desperately to wake her up ;-). My favorite part was having her big brother greet me at the door by saying, “Want to come see *my* new baby?” Look at how he is with her! Yeah, I guess she kinda is *his*. And mama…I hope you are enjoying this sweet babymoon with your daughter. I know you must have all the tasks of work trying to pull you away, but work will always be there. Take as much time as you can to simply adore her. {Words I told myself when I had my own daughter 8 years ago}.

The great thing about this family is that there is virtually no “posing” required on my part. They just do. They are themselves. They play and have fun and make one another laugh out loud and invite me along to document those interactions. I’ve been working with them since (quite literally) the very day the youngest brother was born and spending time with them feels a lot like spending time with my own family and I am very grateful to be in that position after all these years. Very grateful, indeed.

Words are not going to be able to do my feelings justice on this concept shoot I collaborated on with some very, very dear friends last summer in Kansas. First of all, these beautiful young ladies are the three daughters of my talented photographer friend, Carol. While I have “known” them online for years, this was the first time getting to meet them in person and you are simply not going to find a more confident, self-aware, kind, friendly, polite, smart, creative trio of sisters anywhere. Not only were our models gorgeous, the styling and setting were breathtaking! I couldn’t believe the magic contained in my sweet friend Janie Jones Photography’s place! To be able to peek inside her non-stop, creative mind, how she puts seemingly incongruous pieces together so artfully…it really is quite an incredible thing to witness. I absolutely loved going back through these images, reliving the memories and the sights and smells and feels from that afternoon and that trip as a whole. I love you, my Beans! [Another fav HERE].

Some time ago, I was blessed enough to indulge in a personal project and photograph some very beautiful and sweet sisters with their baby brother. And as with most things, this blog post got pushed further and further out with the onslaught of holiday pictures. What a treat it was to finally get a chance to re-visit this photo session and realize how many gems we were able to capture…the loving relationships and the personalities of each of these three beauties. Also remembering that we used to get sunshine here and there used to be something besides the drab winter browns and grays that have draped our Texas landscape over these last several months. Another of my favs can be found HERE and HERE.

Side note: we had the first round of Valentine’s Day Mini sessions this past weekend and I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun they were nor how ADORABLE the images are! There’s still time to snag yours for the upcoming weekend HERE.

{Psssst…the bottom one on the right up there? Her son took that! Loved the way he caught his mommy looking at his daddy. Well done, little man!}

I figured I had better get these maternity photos posted because I’m thinking this sweet baby girl will be arriving any day now ;-). You guys, I am not even kidding when I say it was the windiest day on which I’ve ever done a photo session. And it wasn’t a gentle, warm breeze that would lightly tousle the hair. Oh, no, this was a “constantly blowing, wind gusts that could knock you off your feet and why is it also so cold?” kind of wind. Thanks to that, this may have also been one of the fastest photo sessions I’ve ever done because dealing with that wind and trying to keep her sweet boy warm and happy was exhausting.

But on top of all that, everyone still managed to look happy and Rebecca still managed to be positively GLOWING! I seriously don’t know how she has done all that she has done in the past couple of years…opening up TWO Pure Barre Studios (Cedar Park and Round Rock), keeping up with a very busy little boy, being a wife and mommy, AND growing a baby at the same time. Hats off to you, my friend! You are the very definition of Super Mom and you are already setting quite the example for both of your kiddos. [One of my favs HERE].

February 4-6 and 10-12 at the Pinkle Toes Studio

Upon booking, I will get in touch so you can select your session date and time. If none of these dates will work for you, but you really wanted your child(ren) to play, contact me anyway and we’ll see if we can figure something else out. Selected/purchased images will be emailed to you before Valentine’s Day! (See additional details below).

  • Mini sessions are kids-only…no exceptions.
  • Session fee covers children in the same family (siblings only); we cannot combine sessions with other families.
  • If you would like to look into booking a full session for 2017 to get the special mini session perks, I will send you the session information.
  • Sorry, but if you have moved a session originally scheduled prior to 2017, the special perks do not apply.
  • Due to the nature of these sessions, fees are non-refundable.




















Interestingly enough, my first two photo shoots of 2017 were for 3rd babies named “Asher.” This dude was pretty much wide awake during his entire session (mom told me zonked out the second I left), but it allowed us to get wonderful images of interactions with his doting big sisters, snuggling parents, and adoring grandparents. And his sparkly hazel (?) eyes! I wonder if they’re going to stay that way? I loved the way his sisters loved on him with all their might. I loved his perfect little back rolls ;-). I loved his long, curly toes. I loved how I could see already how much he looks like his middle sister, who in turns, resembles her father. I loved how his mommy breathed him in every time she picked him up. Most of all, I love that his grandfather was able to make him SMILE *just* as I was packing up my stuff, getting ready to head out. Lucky catch, there!























I’ve had the extreme honor of photographing the newborn sessions for each of their 3 babies and I had to giggle when I walked in for this little guy’s debut photo shoot because his basically a carbon copy of his brother and sister ;-).  I LOVE that they all seem to have inherited that beautiful red hair, but they still have so much of their father’s features in them. This guy in particular. He was a perfect little doll the entire session, doing exactly as the third baby typically does: putting up with the antics of his older siblings and being totally chill about the whole thing. Mom and dad are an amazing parenting team and this sweet baby is going to have no problem fitting in with the rest of his fam. A perfect summation of their lives right now can be seen HERE.

Hair and makeup by Katie of Modern Muse Beauty in Austin, TX.






















It was nearly 10 years ago when I first started working with this family…he was just a baby, then. I am so impressed with the intelligent, caring, funny, creative young man that he has grown into. His mommy and daddy should be very, very proud! I am honored to know ALL of them ;-). One of my favs HERE.














For one reason or another, we kept having to push back this family photo session date until we were right on the edge of the holidays. But, it didn’t matter because it turned out that the day we were finally able to shoot was completely perfect. The boys were in great moods and SO hammy for the camera (didn’t they pull off their dapper purple velvet suit coats so wonderfully?) and the entire family looked oh-so posh and ready for a night on the town. People kept looking at us while we were shooting…trying to figure out if this family was famous (of course they are!) or if perhaps we were shooting an ad ;-). I’ve done so many sessions with this crew over the years and this one will definitely stand out to me. I know the years are numbered where mom is going to be allowed to dress up her guys and I’m glad we were able to do this at least once more. THIS image makes me laugh every time I think about it.