austin urban family photography

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family for years…many of my most memorable sessions have been documenting their lives and the girls growing up. We’ve spent most of our sessions at their beautiful ranch land, exploring the outdoors. However, they have since traded some of their ranch life for city life in the heart of downtown Austin and it was a super cool change of place to explore the urban outdoors for this session. Such a fun family, always up for anything and we always create something unique together! (Favorite family shot is HERE.)

Looking at these images together like this, it’s very Halloween inspired, huh? Very much looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures on Instagram and Facebook tomorrow! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Austin newborn photographer

Oh, she has moved in on their hearts and taken over, of that I am certain. What a sweet, sweet baby girl! Even more amazing was that as tough as it can be sometimes to get older siblings to take part in a photo session that isn’t quite all about them, this big brother shared such a sweet and tender moment with his little sister. It lasted a few seconds, but it was a perfect preview of a lifetime of love between the two of them. And doesn’t she have the cutest little pout, too? What a beautiful newborn baby!

A HUGE thanks once again to Katie at Modern Muse Beauty  for taking care of mom’s hair and makeup so she could have one less thing to worry about trying to get ready for their newborn photo shoot that morning. I so wish I had someone to take care of me like that when I was getting my family ready for our newborn photos back in the day. Mom looked refreshed and was positively glowing while gushing over her newborn daughter!


[Magical sunset in the greenhouse Austin family photographer]

It is hard to comprehend sometimes that I have been working with this beautiful little girl since she was a beautiful little newborn baby. Every. Single. Year. Since she was born. And that makes me proud and tear up at the same time. Each year, I can still see *some* bits of that little baby, but each year, it gets more and more difficult to find. It’s like watching my own daughter grow up, but because I only these guys once a year, this leaving childhood seems to happen at warp speed.

I have so many favorite images from their family session in my greenhouse…that one of her leaping onto the bed like a little flying squirrel, lol…the double kiss on daddy’s cheek…her holding her puppy dog in the wildflower field (you have to go HERE to see that one)…a shared secret between her and her mommy…and many more that I don’t even have room to post. I so enjoyed our afternoon together. What a pleasure! What an honor! What a treasury of memories collected over the past FIVE years!


I know I keep hinting around at the upcoming 4th Annual Pinkle Toes Holiday Mini sessions and it’s been killing me because I haven’t had time to finish the set to give you the full picture. Actually, maybe I should take a picture of my studio now so you can see it all laying around in carefully crafted bits and pieces, lol. But, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have seen a few teasers ;-).The minis are coming at the end of November and did you know that everyone who books a full session with me for 2015 can snag one of the spaces for the minis (while they last) which includes at least one FREE image for your holiday cards and gifts and let me tell you, the spaces fill up VERY fast! If you’ve already booked a session with me this year, you should have gotten the sign up sheet (if not, let me know). To get on the list to receive details when the holiday mini sessions are officially announced, be sure to contact me ASAP.


I hope you can’t tell from these pictures, but little buddy just was not having a good day. I think it may have all started when on our way to the cool red barn, he spied a playground and he wasn’t too keen on leaving it. Ever. LOL. They finally pulled out the big guns (his toy plane) and we managed to tear him away from the playground for at least 5 minutes worth of family photos. Oh, we also learned he likes to take selfies ;-)

We finally decided to give up on the ol’ red barn and take him over to the creek where we KNEW he would have a blast. And he did. And so did his sister. We even managed to let him play on a more photogenic playground for some pictures at the end of our session and that seemed to make up for separating him from what was evidently, his most favorite playground in the whole wide world (giggle, giggle.) Mom and dad…thank you so much for sticking with me that morning. Little boy blue sure pulled through! (My favorite image of him and his plane HERE).


Oh yeah, almost forgot there was soccer, Legos, and even a zipline involved! The last time I worked with this awesome fam a few years back, we played in their swing set. They have since had a more grown up upgrade and I love the boys’ new outdoor playspace! I love working with these guys, period. They are just so much fun and easy going. What a pleasure to get to capture their little world like this! My favorite family image is HERE. And some more treehouse fort pics (zipline, too??? LUCKY!):



Side note: I have just about put the finishing touches on the 4th (FOURTH???) Annual Pinkle Toes Holiday Mini sessions. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have seen a few teasers ;-). Can I just say how much fun it is to invent these sets each year? Everyone who books a full session with me for 2015 can snag one of the spaces for the minis (while they last) which includes at least one FREE image for your holiday cards and gifts, so if you’ve been thinking about scheduling a Pinkle Toes photo session, this is the time to do it! To get on the list to receive details when the holiday mini sessions are officially announced, be sure to contact me ASAP.


Words cannot properly convey how much I love these two. I melt whenever I see them. I never really understood how I could love other kids as much as my own children until now. What a journey they have had! How healthy and beautiful and perfect are they in spite of everything?! We’ve known them for only six months now, but have loved them for an eternity already.

Now, a little test for the ol’ Aunt Poppy…let’s see if I got this right:
1 = K then A
2 = A then K
3 = K then A
4 = A then K
5 = A then K

Jen…how’d I do?

I know in most parts of the country right now, fall means lovely golden foliage and crisp temps. Here in Austin, it’s a little different, but just as beautiful, I think. So excited the timing worked out where we could use these beautiful purple flowers (such a short window as they are all gone now) and play outside without having to be bundled up. And this little girl is just a ball of beautiful energy! She just radiates joy, doesn’t she? FAV family image can be found HERE.

I can’t say it’s any big secret that I kinda dig Georgetown and have quite enjoyed photographing several families and high school seniors there over the past 8 years. It’s got this cute vibe that’s retro, Texas, antique, vintage, funky, cool, hip, and country all at the same time without the same level of traffic and parking issues as one might face here in Austin. So I was thrilled when I got to work with these guys again, but this time, on their turf.

While I’m very used to the little ache in my heart I often get when I see a newborn baby or toddler grow up before my camera, it still amazes me how much even older kids can change so quickly in the span of just a few years. I take this little preview into what I have in store for me as a blessing and a constant reminder to relish every single moment and milestone I have with my own kids.

K…your boys are still as fun and funny as they were two years ago. I think you are obviously doing something right. And they are obviously kindofamazing all on their own.

A little moment that was both spontaneous and created as I was leaving that night HERE.


Our session–and I mean the exact date–had been on the calendar for nearly a year, so of course, the day comes and we were greeted with pouring down rain. Reschedule #1. The next date we selected, sure enough, mom was going to go get her hair done and the rain came in AGAIN. Reschedule #2. The third date, weather was looking PERFECT and I had just sent mom the “all clear,” when my daughter suddenly got really, really sick. I didn’t think there would be any way to pull this session off, but somehow, all of our stars aligned and we finally made it happen! (My daughter is fine now, by the way ;-). R – thank you so much for your patience as we tried to make this work and I’m so glad you stuck with it! Those boys are busy, busy. Lots to do and lots to explore!!! No wonder mom is so tiny!!

completely modeled after her:


Don’t you agree? I mean how could you not love all of that adorableness???

It was a little over a year ago when I first met her and she was a newborn baby at the time. Normally, when I see newborn clients for their one year birthday session, I recognize them right way, but I admitted to her mommy, if I saw this little girl on the street, there is no way I would peg her as the same baby I had photographed last year! I mean, I guess now looking back, I can see some similarities, but wow! She changed and grew and matured so much! She was cute back then and she’s cute now, but she does not look like the same kiddo to me, lol.

I really enjoyed getting to hang out with her and her amazing family for this fall-like session (even if it was like 110 degrees outside that day). Most of all, I loved listening to little miss chatterbox tell us all kinds of stories. And, an added treat: we were able to re-visit one of their newborn images (which I noticed was proudly displayed in the house) and LOVE how it turned out!