There is so much I want to say about this family photo session we did during their trip to Austin, but I also want to get these sneak peeks up ASAP. So here’s what you should know:

  1. There was SO much laughter the entire time. I don’t think I could take a serious picture even if I tried and that is totally wonderful.
  2. I LOVED how he used his mommy as his armrest…a habit I don’t think he even realized he was doing most of the time. I know it won’t be long before my own sons are taller than me and I hope at least one of them develops this habit.
  3. I didn’t want the session to end. But eventually, it did get too hot and too sunny to continue, so we all went out to breakfast together instead and I will never forget that.
  4. I love Angela’s hair…gah! The color! Interesting to note, I actually met her years ago when she came to a Pinkle Toes Photography Workshop here in Austin. She came all the way from Roatan which blew me away (and what a GORGEOUS place that is!). Now she’s a photographer in Colorado…check her out.
  5. I also loved her daughter’s new look that she got just for their visit to Austin! See us playing below and also don’t miss another version HERE.
  6. And finally, I love that I got to use that wall I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I mean, it just was the PERFECT place to end our session. So. Much. Fun.



And finally, this might be what I loved most about this session: these two! I’m so glad their mama found this little sign because it couldn’t have been more perfect. It is quite clear that they are indeed best of friends and that they look out for each other. And they are incredibly lucky to have this kind of relationship. Good work, mama!







A little while back, I had the pleasure of spending a few days (technically, it may have only been 24 hrs) with an amazing photographer, good friend, and past workshop attendee, Sabrina Gebhardt Photography in Fort Worth. As part of our adventures together, we photographed another amazing photographer, good friend, and past workshop attendee, Lauren in Dallas. As excited as I was to explore downtown Dallas, I’m not going to lie…the heat almost did me in completely! I live in Texas, but I just wasn’t prepared for the way the heat radiated up through the streets and sidewalks. We were super duper lucky to find a cool little building to duck into for a few minutes 😉 and believe me, we were ALL grateful for a little bit of ice cold AC. Lauren’s kiddos did amazingly well considering it was the end of the day and so hot outside and I loved being able to incorporate the city into their family pictures this time. THIS one made me laugh ;-).

I also really loved having Sabrina there with me. She and I were saying how invaluable a second shooter would be at family sessions. This is common practice in wedding photography, but I can definitely see a need for it here, too. It was so cool to see all of the different perspectives she was able to get, even though we were both photographing the same people in the same location. One HERE and one HERE for example.

Here’s Sabrina in action:

So fun to get to go back and relive that whirlwind mentoring time with Sabrina and Lauren’s photoshoot in downtown Dallas! We had a wonderful time and I truly loved talking shop with Sabrina and watching her grow her photography business!






Let me tell you that it was such a joy to get to edit this senior portrait session while the rain poured down outside my office! This young lady is about to start her final year in high school and I can’t think of a better way to kick things off than by celebrating what makes her…*her*. I’ve had the honor of working with both her big sister AND her big brother in years past, and it really amazed me that we were still able to make this session unique. Her smile is radiant and her self-confidence and genuine compassion really shined through. Just an incredible end cap to the senior photo session series in their family and I can’t wait to hear about her adventures as she leaves the nest next year!

Oh, loved this quick snap with her parents below and her eyes HERE and the colors (in spite of the dark)

When it comes to lifestyle family photo sessions, the person who schedules the session is technically my boss. But if that photo session happens to involve an adorable, precocious two-year-old, it is pretty much a given that she becomes the boss…of all of us. And so it was when we got together in downtown Austin a few weeks ago. It was super early in the morning (to escape the heat) and it took her a little bit to decide if she liked me okay or not, but it wasn’t long before she was leading the way, eager to explore everywhere and beckoning us to follow along. This family dynamic was something really special and it is clear that she is the center of their universe and everyone is completely okay with that. So many laughs that morning and sweet, sweet moments sprinkled throughout!

Melt my heart!


Oh! Mom’s shoes were SPOT ON!!!! If I could walk in those, I would totally own a pair myself 😉

That look!

And her ring matched her shoes???? How amazing is that?!

We thought we would try to play a game that she loved, but she had other ideas. These expressions crack me up!urban-austin-south-congress-family-lifestyle-photography-014

Sister. Brother. Best. Friends. I really hope one day my boys will get along with their sister just like these two. Their relationship is so special!


www.pinkletoes.comYup! Pretty much sums it up. I really enjoyed all of the personality that really came through in these images. I laughed to myself several times when editing this proof set. THIS one made me smile really big, though.




She couldn’t have done any better at her newborn session if we had planned it that way. She was amazing and smiley and oh that hair and just the right amount of baby chub! I think this may be why I’m equally drawn to newborn photo sessions when babies are a little bit older as to when they are just a few days old. So many favs, too…like the one with her hand by dad’s face? The way her mommy is looking at her in all of the pics? And also, this perfectly adorable yawn.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about this precious little boy and his awesome parents. His lifestyle newborn photo session was a dream, really, filled with all of the elements that make a baby’s first photo shoot pure and perfect: he was so fresh and new, his parents were incredibly relaxed and easy going, he was dressed simply to show off his perfect newness, there were so many *real* moments captured so the photos don’t look posed, and we were able to add a touch of whimsy with his beautifully decorated nursery (see below). But first, you have GOT to make sure you look at what he did pretty much the entire first 5 minutes I was there! Favity fav, fav, FAV!

Um, yeah. His mom is

Look at that perfect pout!



When I had my FaceTime consult with his mommy before he was born to discuss her session goals, she showed me his woodland-themed nursery complete with FOX wallpaper and I may have passed out from sheer delight!

Even the pupsters got to check out their new baby

Okay, so baby O was indeed an angel throughout his entire session…sleepy perfection, really. BUT, you know we have to get a peek at those beautiful eyes at some point. This last series gives you a small taste of what we had to do to get him from completely zonked out to quiet alert for literally just ONE image:

www.pinkletoes.comSo this isn’t that one image…I’m going to save that for his birth announcements (and it’s a GOOD one, too), but after at least 30 minutes of trying to gently wake him up, we *finally* succeeded. I’m so glad we stuck it out and didn’t give up because while he’s adorable with his little eyes closed, when they’re open, he sparkles!




www.pinkletoes.comEach time I ask a family to do their outdoor session at sunrise in the summertime, I hold my breath because I know no one wants to do that. In Texas, however, sometimes that is just the necessary evil. I know it’s early and believe me, I don’t like getting up before the sun either, but it is *always* always worth it. This family photo session by this gorgeous lake dock was no exception and boy, we got SO lucky that it happened to be a bit overcast that morning, allowing us to play at the dock a little longer than usual and also allowing us to work pretty much any place we wanted to outside. Sure, it was humid, but at least we were not dealing with the sun beating down on us during the hottest part of the day. We were even luckier that the boys stuck with us long enough to go back to their house and take some fun pics there as well. They did a fantastic job (even in spite of getting up so early) and goodness, there were so many giggles throughout my time with them. I hope they look back on these pics fondly for years to come and see all of the joy, love, and wonder their parents have been smart enough to gift to them during their childhood! Favity fav photo HERE.

[mom’s hair/makeup by Modern Muse Beauty]

…I’m pretty sure I’m just going to go ahead and move in with their family ;-). I mean, come on! Look at all of that adorableness up there! Plus, I totally dig their decorating style!

And so much LOVE here!

But also plenty of giggles.

And energy!

And this sign…sigh.austin-candid-quirky-fun-lifestyle-photography-015


But the icing on the cake for my case to move in with them is…

…jumping into the pool, fully clothed…mom and dad, included!


That was rad!

The full family game of chicken was also fairly spectacular.

As well as this moment above AND THIS one

I definitely think I would fit in perfectly with them. Hang on a sec…be right back…

(scroll down…)

OH, YES! I totally blend!!!!!!! What do you think, H fam? Will you have me? 😉 I can be there in 20 min.

I don’t know if you remember her newborn photo session at all, but oh my word, has this little one changed since then! I mean, I can still see her baby features, but she’s got so much personality and curiosity and wonder and she radiates joy and life! And make no mistake, she is very, very loved and the perfect addition to this family. It was such a pleasure to see her parents and her beautiful big sisters dote on her they way that they do.



As is always my favorite custom for summertime photo sessions in Texas, we ended with a dip in the pool! I love how the kids seem so surprised that we let them do this, but little do they know, it’s just as much of a treat for me as it is for them!


These faces! She totally doesn’t love the water at all ;-). Nope, not one bit!

While the underwater photos were full of exuberance, I quite loved the moodiness of this particular image HERE.

austin-texas-baby-birthday-underwater-lifestyle-photography-025“That’s a wrap!”



It is ALWAYS bittersweet to meet up with my newborn clients to do milestone sessions, and celebrating his half-year birthday was no exception. It’s crazy to see how he is so different yet so much still like himself at his newborn session. His mommy warned me that he was already exhibiting signs of PCS (Photographer Child Syndrome) and smiles might be tough to get, but we were all happy to see that he only needed some snuggles from mom or dad and he would gladly smile for a few pics. My favorite one is HERE, but I do also love the pic of the crazy goose stirring up a little trouble in the water ;-).