blog-gone-workshoppin-pinkle-toes-2014-photographer-workshops-california-washington-texasIn just a few days, we are kicking off the Pinkle Toes 2014 summer workshop tour in Ridgewood, NJ! And from there, it’s going to be a whirlwind for the rest of the summer: back to Austin, Texas and then hitting southern California, northern California, and Olympia, Washington over the course of a few weeks. Ridgewood and the 2nd Austin workshop are sold out, but we have some openings for the other dates if you want to check that out here.

Meanwhile, my blog and my e-mail are going to be quiet for a bit as I focus (pun intended) on providing amazing workshop experiences for the attendees. You will be able to follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram, so stay in the loop ;-).

See ya this fall!



I wanted to share this image and these words from a recent workshop attendee Amy Drucker with Amy Drucker Photography in Westchester, NY:

I’m spending today editing this week’s sessions and just wanted to say that something has really clicked for me since our workshop. I’m not afraid of families anymore – I feel like I’ve been given license to shoot what I want to shoot (as long as I get that Grandma shot too).

An image I love, and a moment I might have overlooked during a recent session if not for the confidence I gained during your workshop. Watching you work and having access to question your process helped me get past a creative block that had recently been keeping me from shooting for clients the way I really wanted to. Thank you again for being so open and working so hard during our recent workshop. I got everything I had hoped to out of it, and much more.

And it makes me so incredibly happy to hear the joy in her voice. Thank YOU, Amy! And congrats on following your heart!

For more info on the upcoming lifestyle photography workshops in CA and WA starting next week, visit


Run (don’t walk!) to get your credit card and sign up for this workshop ASAP. It covers everything – from the business side, to editing to photography to marketing from the best photographer and the most amazing business person I know! This workshop is unique not only because of the amazing material that is covered but because of the pre and post workshop experience. You will be receiving a one-on-one meeting with Michele, you will be part of a private Facebook group of workshop attendees, you will develop friendships with like-minded people…. The list of wonderful things about these workshops just keep going on and on. For me, taking this workshop was by far the best investment I’ve made in my photography business and years after taking the original workshop I am STILL using what I’ve learned back then.

My, oh my! I have to tell you that the first Pinkle Toes Photography Lifestyle Photography workshop in New Jersey was absolutely amazing and I will most certainly have to go back sometime in the future. Even though it rained for pretty much every session we tried to do, everyone stayed in good spirits and just went with it. I could not have asked for a more energetic, fun-loving, talented group of ladies with which to work (not the least of whom includes our amazing hostess, Lena with Live, Love, Laugh Photos in Ridgewood, NJ as well as my PHENOMENAL workshop coordinator Annette with Annette Goodman Photography in Charlotte, NC!). The first set of images includes several behind-the-scenes shots of the attendees in action. They each got a chance to try out new techniques at the workshop and I was totally impressed with how they embraced the challenge and got AMAZING images to boot (be sure to follow the links at the end of the post to see images they each captured at the workshop). We also had a wonderful newborn session inside this family’s home (thank you again for opening your doors to us and sheltering us from the rain ;-): nj-newborn-pinkle-toes-texas-california-washington-lifestyle-photographer-workshop That afternoon, we photographed our hostess’s family in their beautiful home…the essence of lifestyle photography, really. It was such a privilege to get to capture these moments for them: nj-family-pinkle-toes-texas-california-washington-lifestyle-photographer-workshop And on our last day, we worked with this lovely expecting couple. We had originally planned to explore downtown Ridgewood, but the rain kept us indoors once again. I really appreciated their flexibility with the ever-changing location and I cannot wait to hear the good news any day now about their new baby!!! nj-maternity-pinkle-toes-texas-california-washington-lifestyle-photographer-workshopI have yet to peek at the images taken by the attendees at the workshop and so I’m excited myself to follow the links to the blog circle! First up is Christine with Half-Pint Photography – Bergen County, NJ Family Photographer! Click along with me!!!!

Next week, I’m heading to Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA for the last workshop of July. After that, we’re hitting Mendocino, CA, and finishing up the 2014 workshops in Olympia, WA. There is still a couple of openings for each of these workshops, so please, squeeze in if you can!

Oh, one more thing, here are some of the headshots I took of Pinkle Toes New Jersey Class of 2014. Good lookin’ bunch, huh?


pinkle-toes-lifestyle-photography-workshop-washington-seattle-olympia-californiaOkay, okay. Technically, I am “closed” (see last post about that), buuuuuuut, I feel very compelled to pop on here quickly to say THANK YOU to Lena, Annette, and ALL of New Jersey and north east coast attendees for an incredible workshop! In spite of our challenges–well, really, the only challenge and that was the RAIN (ugh)–everyone was patient and funny and eager to learn and gave 110% to their workshop experience. And our models were pretty phenomenal, too.

From one of the attendees:

DO IT!!!! Seriously. If you are considering any workshop — Pinkle Toes is not only extraordinarily informative, but it gave me a new found belief in my ability to run a strong photography business. You will have so much inspiration and instantly feel connected with a new group of amazing photographers!

Yup. She about summed it up regarding the group of amazing photographers. Wow! I cannot wait until I get a chance to collect all of their shots and show off their work in a real blog post soon. I promise, when I get some more time, there are many, many, many more images and thoughts on this workshop to come.

Meanwhile, I am putting the pedal back to the medal to get ready for the upcoming lifestyle photography workshops being held at my house in Austin, TX in early July. After that, we hit the road for southern California (Cardiff-by-the-sea), then northern California (Mendocino), and finally Washington State (Olympia). We have just a couple of spaces open for each of those workshops and after that, there are no more workshops for 2014. Very much looking forward to what these next few months hold in store and meeting all of these new photographers all over the country!

ha-pinkle-toes-austin-family-kids-lifestyle-photography-underwater-photo-session-home-BYou know those kinds of parents who are able to just chill out and let their kids be kids? Well, I was never really that kind of parent, but these two are AMAZING! I LOVED walking through their home and seeing all of the great nooks set up for the boys to play and do their artwork. I also LOVED that they actually were willing to do the majority of their family photo session in and under the water! Their pool was beautiful, but how about those beach balls adding such incredible color? Can’t decide if THIS is still my fav or if THIS one took it’s place…

ep-pinkle-toes-hip-modern-urban-family-photo-shoot-downtown-austin-w-hotelI left their photo session that morning feeling joyful and refreshed (in spite of having to get up at 5 a.m. to be there). I feel as though I met lifeline friends and I probably could have hung out with them all day at the hotel. They were bright and fun and funny and enthusiastic and loving and wonderful. I very much look forward to following these girls as they grow up in such an amazing family unit. (Still my FAV!)

Once again, AWESOME hair and makeup by my friend Katie with Modern Muse Beauty. I’m serious. Make your life so much easier and just hire her to get you ready for your family photo session. Even if I’m not your photographer ;-). It just takes SO much pressure off, especially when you have several other people to get ready for the session. Katie is dependable and does a fantastic job of making everyone look their best! And, she’s kinda awesome. Mama insisted that we took a pic that included Katie:


rj-pinkle-toes-austin-kids-photos-garden-greenhouse-baby-girl-flowers-family-lifestyleI mean seriously, look at all of that cuteness and personality! But of course, it’s not surprising since her big brother is just as charming! We could not have had more perfect weather for their family session in at my greenhouse at the studio. Actually, the spoiled me and fooled me into thinking the weather would still be as kind to me in June. Not so ;-).

Mom’s beautiful hair and makeup by my pal Katie with Modern Muse Beauty in good ol’ Austin, TX.

Super fun outfits styled by Shelley with Shell Styling!

Another session fav on the Pinkle Toes Facebook Page!

ns-austin-child-photo-session-in-garden-greenhouse-lifestyleI’ve been so caught up in prepping for the upcoming lifestyle photography workshops (New Jersey, Texas, California, and Washington), I totally forgot I needed to blog some sneaks from this session! And that’s sad, too, because I LOVED this session and the magic and wonder of childhood it seemed to capture. We could not have asked for more beautiful light or temperatures that evening and it’s hard to believe we were able to work in the greenhouse without passing out ;-). I know that will all end soon, but I’m going to enjoy the slightly cooler than normal temps as much as I can right now. See my favorite butterfly image LARGE!

May 29, 2014

pinkle-toes-photography-workshop-reunion-new-york-city-lifestyle-photographyEarlier this month, I had the extreme pleasure of spending 4 days in the great city of New York with 17 other photographer friends – the 2nd official Pinkle Toes Photography workshop reunion! It. Was. Amazing. I can honestly say we finished that city, packing in everything we could possibly do in just those few days…so much so, that I needed about a week to recover.

We did it all!

Our first evening together was spent laughing until our faces hurt playing “Heads Up” in our amazing apartment we all rented out in the heart of the financial district. By the way, I want to send a huge thank you to Nicole for getting our housing arrangements all sorted out for us for the weekend, by the way. It was really hard to believe that most of the girls were meeting for the first time that night and it did not take long for old friendships to be rekindled and new friendships to form. And we had some delicious New York pizza delivered to us to much on that night…the look on the delivery guy’s face when he walked into an apartment full of women was priceless!

The next morning, we headed out to visit the beautiful fountains of the 9/11 Memorial . It was a humbling experience for sure…not a dry eye around as we each tried to comprehend the level of devastation and the majestic monuments that have been constructed. It was a difficult experience, actually…conflicted between the pain of the emotions tied to that horrible day and the beauty of what they have been able to create from that destruction.

Eventually, we left the memorial and started a LONG walk toward The High Line. It was long in distance, sure, but it was compounded exponentially by the fact that we were a group of PHOTOGRAPHERS who are compelled by their very nature to stop and take pictures of everything– especially each other taking pictures of each other (I am allowed to say that because I am probably the #1 offender ;-). But it’s okay. We understand this need. We forgive each other for it. Thank goodness we had our magnificent and capable “tour guide” Lena to expertly lead the way and patiently keep us on track.

The High Line was so much fun! Not only was the weather so kind to us that day, but I could not get over all of the beautiful tulips in bloom (we don’t really have much of that going on here in Texas) and I loved the whole idea behind the High Line (read about it if you don’t know what it is). Super cool place and we had a great time!

Dinner that evening was at The Park in Chelsea. Um. Wow. Now that was some delicious food and thank you so much to Kami for selecting this beautiful spot and coordinating our big group meals during the reunion!!!

After dinner, we hoofed it over to 30 Rock where our whole group got to go straight to the front of the line (GO ONLINE RESERVATIONS!!!) to make our way to the Top of the Rock. I think that may have been most everyone’s favorite part of the trip. We managed to get there at dusk so that we could see the entire city from up above during daylight and then we stayed until after a beautiful sunset to see the city come alive with lights. I don’t know if I’ve ever taken so many pictures of one thing in my life!!! It. Was. Magnificent!

Okay…now that was just the first day so here’s where things start to get fuzzy. I *think* we went to Times Square that night, but maybe it was the next day. I truly cannot remember which night that was, lol! Yes…it was that night because we didn’t stay very long at all…we were completely exhausted, lol!

Early the next morning, I went to do some location scouting for an upcoming session at the Brooklyn Bridge and I gotta tell ya, I was quite taken with the bridge. First of all, I couldn’t quite comprehend that we were actually able to walk to the bridge from our apartment and secondly, wow…it is spectacular at sunrise! The views are just so amazing and I feel so fortunate that we got to see it all lit up later that night on our cruise.

And then came the FOOD TOUR in Chelsea! This little tradition started back at the Chicago Pinkle Toes reunion a few years ago. It was the highlight of our trip back then and it was easily the highlight of this one!  Our tour guide, Cindy, was super and we had so many yummy, yummy treats and learned so much about Chelsea. I think I spent all of my allotted spending money at O&Co (the basil olive oil is just beyond all words). Again, thanks to Kami for putting this together for us…and also for sharing my LOVE of FDNY ;-) (We were pretty lucky to get a little surprise visit in the meat shop of all places ;-).

Okay, what next? Oh yes, The Harbor Lights Cruise by Circle Line. We were treated such a beautiful sunset just as we passed by the Statue of Liberty. Could not have been more perfect timing if we tried. But my favorite was the views of the bridges lit up at night.

Sadly, the next morning, it was time for people to say goodbye. I think we were all excited to get home and see our families (and rest our poor, tired bodies), but it was tough to see this trip come to an end. Some of us managed one last hurrah in Central Park and I’m so glad we made the trek. I honestly could have stayed in Central Park for hours and hours and hours…I just never realized how big it was and how much there was to see. The cherry blossoms were breathtaking and I couldn’t get over the juxtaposition of the beautiful gardens and the buildings jutting out like promontories.

And then it was all over. We all went back home via planes, trains, and automobiles (okay, I will admit I did get an extra bonus that night of that super fun photo session with Lena followed by a very tasty meal at Acqua with her family and Minnette and Chantal). I should also note that while we were still all trying to recover mentally and physically from that whirlwind trip, it was Kelly (who was instrumental in planning the activities for us on the trip) who was already asking about when we were doing the next one. She is hard core, people, lol!

All in all, this reunion far exceeded my expectations and I was completely blown away by the fact that #1 we all managed to survive it ;-) #2 no one got lost #3 the people of the city (minus a couple of cab drivers and a security guard who didn’t quite understand electricity) were SO INCREDIBLY KIND! Really, this experience in New York City was much more delightful than my first trip there years and years ago.

And I think I owe that to the group of ladies that were there with me. It’s pretty refreshing to be around so much talent and people who share the same interests and passions as you do. People who don’t find it odd that you drop to the ground to take a picture of a puddle. People who appreciate both the “touristy” things and the adventures that you find off the beaten path. People who love good food and are willing to try new things (even if that means paying to be yelled at in a restaurant, right gals?).  I was only able to post a few of the bazillion pictures that I took on this trip (be sure to search #pinkletoesnyc on Instagram for a bazillion other fun snaps) and I cannot WAIT to see what everyone else got. Absolutely fantastic time, ladies! Thank you, thank you, a million thank you’s! Can’t wait to see where we end up next!


Make certain you check out my friend Kerri Davis with Images By Kerri to get her take on the trip and to see more pics: Durham Region Family Photographer. She’s got another link to another attendee’s pics on her post and so on. I am incredibly excited to get all the different perspectives from the trip!

b-pinkle-toes-9-month-old-baby-austin-candid-photographyAnd that hat suited her perfectly! Doesn’t she look like a little doll baby????