austin-twin-brother-sister-high-school-senior-portraits-downtown-city-urban-south-congress-capitolI cannot even begin to imagine how I will be feeling when my oldest son is on the edge of high school graduation, so my heart is both elated and crushed for the parents of this brother and sister who are celebrating their senior year of high school. We somehow managed to pull this senior portrait photo shoot together in record time. Literally, I think we spoke on a Thursday and somehow the stars aligned with everyone’s schedules and held the session that Sunday. It was wonderful to photograph them separately, but my favorite moments were their candid interactions as brother and sister. I loved all of the splashes of color we were able to find in downtown Austin (sigh…this city never disappoints) and especially the convenience of the construction sign for the new South Congress Hotel. The beauty of a Sunday morning is that we pretty much had the city to ourselves which allowed lots of opportunities to (safely) play in the streets and get unique perspectives. I was very much honored to be given this opportunity to photograph this monumental time for their family and I so look forward to seeing what these two can do in this world!


I have followed this sweetie pie’s journey from all the way back when she was still in her mommy’s tummy. And what a journey it has been:

1. Maternity photo session in downtown Austin

2. Newborn pictures at home

3. Five months old during a VERY cold morning out at my studio/property:


4. Seven months old (and celebrating our Nation’s Birthday ;-)


5. 9 month old baby pictures at the Pinkle Toes Studio

6. And now, she’s a YEAR old! A YEAR! Oh, this has to be the hardest part of my job. Not only do I have to watch my own kids grow up, but my client’s children at lightning speed:


I guess it would be strange to say I love these kids like I love my own, but yeah, I kinda do. Especially when I get to see them grow into their families like this. It’s an incredible honor. xoxo to you H. You know I adore you and your entire family!


Actually, let me clarify: I’m pretty sure you are going to see his artwork and creations in movies someday. Meet one of the most creative, bright, engaging, talented little boys for his age. His enthusiasm for the things he loves is contagious and he is *very* serious about his work as a sculptor, creator, and animator. He also loves to explore and ride his scooter (you HAVE to see this) and I will admit to being ever-so-slightly physically tired when I got home after trying to keep up with him that day. But that was all worth it. He let me into his world and that is not a privilege I take lightly. Thank you, L. And never forget the words to this song, “That slug is banana, B-A-N-A-N-A slug!”

austin-silverway-bridge-lifestyle-kids-fun-family-photographerBless her heart, Lauren and her fam made the trip to Austin (and back, no less) from way down in South Texas in just one day. It’s funny because I was just talking to some photography friends (we are getting ready for our 4th–really FOURTH?–Annual Pinkle Toes Photography Workshop Reunion in Charleston, SC in May) about how you can drive and drive all day and never actually make it out of Texas. But Texans are used to those kinds of road trips I guess. Anyway, I was quite impressed that she AND her hubby AND BOTH kiddos were in such amazing moods even after all of that driving. Really, her daughter just marched right up to me when I first got there and chatted like we’ve known each other all our lives. And I could not get over baby boy’s infectious, whole-body grin! The four of them are so laid back and had absolutely no troubles settling into playing together while I happily photographed them. Hmmmm…and if I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be THIS one. But I don’t know. I could change my mind in the next five minutes. Again.

[Side note: pssst…hey…did you see my last post about Denver?]

golden-sunshine-mckinney-falls-baby-child-family-lifestyle-austin-texas-photographerI’ve had the joy of working with this family several times over the years and every session has been magical to me. Our evening at McKinney Falls in Austin was no exception. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t been there before, so it was amazing exploring a new place in Austin. So many different types of landscapes…walk a few feet in either direction and you could be standing at a creek, in the woods, atop a waterfall, or on a rocky limestone expanse with neato reflecting pools hidden here and there.

While location is certainly key to helping set the mood and provide a fun, engaging, beautiful backdrop for a family photo session, is is definitely the subjects that give it passion and energy. Watching these four interact they way they do–full of love and joy in life–is inspiring. That’s what makes pictures emotional and beautiful, so thank you guys, for letting me hang out with you once again. [Session FAVORITE!]

In case you missed the announcement, I will be in Denver, Colorado for a couple of days in March and am accepting a very limited number of family photo sessions. If you would like more information (dates, etc.), let me know as soon as possible!


When photographing little kids in downtown Austin, it’s usually a pretty good idea to have something to help keep them engaged and occupied and entertained and happy. When I met with their mama before the session, we came up with the great idea to give them bouquets of yellow flowers! And it DID work very well…the girls quite enjoyed them. Maybe a little too much as they were SO into the flowers (and leaving an adorable trail of petals all over the park), it was tough to tear them away (and also, we ended up with lots of yellow pollen on noses and chins, lol). But I LOVED how it added a touch of spring to an otherwise drab winter landscape this time of year and I’m glad that the girls had such a fun time with their little bouquets and sprinkling magic every where we went. Favorite image from the session? Right HERE and I knew the instant it happened it would be my favorite. And also, I loved the outtake at the end. Sometimes riding on dad’s shoulders doesn’t quite work out as planned ;-)


We were originally slated to take their family pictures in December, but thanks to some nasty weather and a hectic schedule, we had to wait until this month. And…I’m so glad we did because LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY BUMP!!!! We had perfect, perfect, perfect weather and a stunning golden sunset and thanks to the delay, we got to turn the family portraits into maternity portraits, too. [My fav from the maternity portion ;-)]. We had to work a little bit to get big brother to smile but when we caught it, WOW! He’s got the best smile and amazing lashes and lips, doesn’t he?


Let me tell you, it was REALLY cold out during her senior portrait photo session. Much, much too cold for Austin. And we lost our light sooooooooo fast. I truly thought it might just snow on us…that’s how it looked. But you know what? This absolutely beautiful young lady wasn’t phased one bit. She didn’t complain once and she just rolled through the session like everything was awesome. And because of that, it was! And doesn’t she have the most perfect smile ever???? That’s what happens when a wonderful personality radiates from the inside, out.


I lived in Virginia growing up, but had several visits to TX throughout my childhood. Every now and then, I would get a chance to hang out with my cousin near Fort Worth. I regret the fact that while I was all wrapped up in my tween-ness, since she was a couple of years younger than me, I never really took the time to get to know her personally. I so touched and honored that she asked me (me???) to do an engagement photo session for her and her fiancé last December. After my time with them that evening, my childhood regret grew quite a bit as I realized just how much I missed out in not hanging with her more often. She is graceful, confident, brilliant, beautiful, funny, engaging, charming and caring.  We were able to pick up conversation like we were life-long best friends (family is always family) and that evening shared with the two of them over at my place will forever be a joyful memory. I very much look forward to many more years of gatherings like that. And I mean it, you two!!!! Congratulations on your engagement and I cannot wait to see your beautiful wedding photos!

Jan 15, 2015


The wind plays with the snowy cotton tufts of your hair and lifts the freshly washed sheets you pin to the line. Timid of the “Hulk” that chased your beloved birds the other day, I gather a bouquet of silver, velvet willows I was certain came from kittens.

Tonight, after I fumble with the familiar fruits and flowers collected on your fridge, we will follow the yellow brick road and you’ll shield my eyes from the witch. I’ll watch dancers magically twirl to twinkling music among your jewelry.  Then I will snuggle up against your soft, warm cheek in a fit of giggles over a made up game of “Peep, Ribbit.”

As I lay on my tummy lost in Saturday morning cartoons, you’ll bring me a tray with orange juice and a perfectly buttered English Muffin. When I go back home, I’ll ride in your lap, your arms a protective seatbelt laced across my rounded, little girl tummy, feeling loved by you and forever five.