It has been more than a YEAR in the making, but it’s finally happening! I am beyond thrilled to team up with two other INCREDIBLE photographers–Leah Cook Photography of Dallas and Minnette D Photography of Houston–along with hair and makeup artist Katie Astoria of Modern Muse Beauty in Austin, to bring you Snow Angels: A Winter Enchantment by .emme. boudoir.  We can help make all of your frozen fantasies come true as our magical stylist and team of experienced photographers help capture your inner Snow Angel. From start to finish you’ll be pampered with gorgeous hair, makeup and images that will warm up even the coldest winter nights. Even better, you will have your images in time for Valentine’s Day!

Contact us ASAP for full session details – there are special discounts and booking incentives for reserving your session early. Sessions will be held at my studio/property outside of Austin, so if you live in Dallas, Houston, or surrounding area, why not make it a girls’ weekend? I cannot wait to see what we are able to create in our wintry escape!

Recently, you may have seen a few Pinkle Toes photographs featured in the Austin American Statesman in an article about taking Austin-centric family photos (one and two). In doing that interview, I got to take a few minutes to really consider what makes Austin such a unique backdrop for Pinkle Toes photo sessions and here’s what I came up with: Austin has its very own personality and when you photograph a family in Austin, the personality of the city magnifies that of the subjects.

And so it is with this family: when working with fun people in a fun place, you can help but to get fun imagery! It took baby girl a little bit to warm up to me, but once she did, I totally fed off the energy and love among everyone. It may have been one of the speediest family photo sessions, too, as we were pretty much nailing every single shot in the first one or two takes and that allowed us enough time to explore several different parts of the city. I think my favorite image came about when a passerby handed baby girl a pretty flower and she sat down and did THIS ;-). And another rockin’ photo bomb HERE.


That I have been “working” with these little sweeties since they were in their mommy’s tummy. I remember her maternity session so vividly…she was so tiny…so lovely and I couldn’t believe there were two babies in there (her belly is featured in one of my portfolio galleries, but you’ll have to guess which one). And then I remember the day I officially met the girls, some of my favorite newborn images were taken at their newborn session (I do believe the adorable toes in the fourth image HERE belong to them) and then I remember a cute little vintage session in downtown Georgetown to celebrate their 1st birthday and then playing in a park at sunset to commemorate age 2 and now here we are, THREE years later and I feel like I *know* them. And it makes me equally proud and wistful to look back on all of those images we’ve taken over the past three years. And it makes me excited to have this little “preview” of my twin nieces. These girls are such bright little bundles of happiness and joy and spunk! Loved getting to play hide ‘n seek with them and their mommy (probably my FAV image HERE ;-).

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of spunk, how about this little outtake from their holiday mini session:


On that note, I am finishing up the last round of holiday minis starting Friday! It’s not too late to snag a spot, *if* you can make it Friday morning as Saturday and Sunday are totally full. Drop a line and I’ll get you all the info you need to know. I can’t help it that I’m just a teensy bit excited that there’s a light at the end of the holiday tunnel (that started in August) and super duper thrilled with all of the images we’ve taken at the mini sessions so far and the BEAUTIFUL, wintry holiday cards I’ve helped my clients create. They are turning out just amazing!

For the past couple of years, this family has graciously traveled to Austin for their family photo session, but this year, seeing as how they welcomed the “caboose” of their family, it was my turn to pay them a visit when I was in Houston last month. It was pretty cool to see that this very colorful mama has an equally colorful home, FILLED with happy pictures of her bubbly family! She is such an inspiration to any photographer who also happens to be a mom because oftentimes, we are so busy taking care of printing everyone else’s photos that we don’t take the time to print our own. I should have taken pictures of her displays because wow! She did an amazing job creating them.

Of course, the real star of the photo session was their brand new baby boy. He. Was. So. Good. I guess he is already pretty used to his brother and sisters bouncing around him and he wasn’t phased one bit by our little photo shoot. He fits in perfectly and it’s quite impressive that his older siblings have welcomed him with such love and affection. By the way, how anyone can look that good after just having had her FOURTH child is beyond me. Like I said, an inspiration!!

While I know this photo session was about baby boy, THIS might have been my favorite little moment.

Most of my days are spent photographing families in Austin, but every now and then, I get the chance to work someplace new. This time, it happened to work out that I would be in downtown Houston just in time for a photo session with these kids and their parents and it.was.awesome! After spending most of their days in suburbia, their family snagged an amazing condo overlooking downtown Houston, with an incredible park as their backyard. Well done! While I was a tad nervous navigating traffic to get there, it was such a privilege to get to follow them around while exploring downtown Houston and I’m so glad we decided to hold their family session there instead of trying to make Austin work.

And how about that view from the kids’ bedroom???? Yeah. When I first arrived I knew that I absolutely wanted to end our photo session there at sunset. Bingo! (Another fav from that last series HERE).


“I made a wish and you came true.” Those were the exact words that came to mind when we took that photo and it so accurately describes how I feel about you. You are the light and joy and Grace and sunshine of our family. I love that your birthday falls near Thanksgiving because we are so thankful to have you. Words cannot fully convey to the outside world how much you sparkle…how you love with all of your heart…how you seem to accomplish every goal you set for yourself with confidence and ease…how comfortable you are with running around in your cowgirl boots and hair streaming behind you…how you can keep up with your brothers but end up leading them in the process. You are a special gift to us, a perfect surprise, and you have so much to give the world, though we’re not quite ready to share you with the world just yet ;-). I love you.


she thinks I dread her family session every year, but honest truth, I do not. Sure, her kiddos have a lot of energy and sure I have to stay on my toes to come up with ways to keep their focus (for example, this year, I drew a mustache on my face with a marker; I did NOT however check to make sure it was washable before I did that, but turns out, I was safe), but I LOVE working with them. I especially loved that we came back to their home for this session. The place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed and the kids are in a familiar environment already filled with things to entertain and contain ;-). I love the quirkiness of our sessions and the personality that comes bursting out of their children…they can’t hide it. They are 100% themselves, 100% of the time and that’s actually quite refreshing.

Most of all, I love the tender moments we are able to catch, supposedly in between shots…the way baby girl started stroking her mother’s cheek and snuggled up full force into her arms. The pure concentration when big brother was writing his name at his desk. The way they positioned themselves around the kitchen island for a mid-session snack. The look of pride when dad got the sweetest little kiss on the cheek from his daughter. This sweet face contemplating dance moves to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it And at the end, looking through all of their family albums from the sessions we’ve had together over the years and being completely enthralled with how little they once were.

And that’s what I love about working with the Parks family. And I hope they and ALL of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, taking time to unplug for a bit and reflect on all the things (more importantly people) for which we have to be thankful.



{Once again, mama looked gorgeous, with only a little help from Modern Muse Beauty. Oh, if only I could pull off that awesome lipstick!}


It’s been years in the making and I’m so happy to see this family settled into their newly completed dream home! It was amazing to go back and explore their land…the land where they had been planning to move forever it seemed and for this photo session, that dream was a reality! Those girls need wide open spaces for sure and they have such bright and energetic little spirits that fill their new home with JOY! One of my favorite moments HERE.


The first weekend of my 4th Annual Holiday Mini Sessions was absolutely amazing! {Did you catch this awesome behind-the-scenes pic???}. We will pick back up the weekend of December 5th. The good news is that this is the perfect way to get your family photos taken care of next year and still squeeze in a few Pinkle Toes pictures just in time for the holidays (and holiday cards). The bad news is that I have only 3 openings left for the next round, soo….

I mean seriously, could this little guy be any more adorable??? And when mom showed me his fox sweater with his matching fox lovey, I just fell over. I’ve been working with these guys since big sister up there was a newborn, who actually looked very much like this little guy at that age. It was very cool to see her embrace the role of big sister and dote on her little brother the way she did. And he was such a champ for his first official photo session! It kinda looks like maybe he was posing for us ;-). Inspired by one of my favorite newborn images from a while back, we did THIS, too. (Remember our maternity models from the Austin photography workshop this summer?)

Once again, a family photo session at home gets me all warm and fuzzy feeling…especially since it happened to be quite chilly the day of their session and we were all thankful to be able to spend most of our time in the comfort of the indoors! You may remember this beautiful family from their ultra colorful maternity portraits we did in downtown Austin earlier this year. It was so much fun for me to come back and finally meet their new baby girl this fall! Those big blue eyes and that gorgeous gummy grin totally did me in! Love this candid moment, too, during a little exercise to get everyone warmed up ;-).