cb-pinkle-toes-colorful-candid-joyful-lifestyle-family-photographerThe more I work with this little ray of sunshine, the more I get to see that exuberant spirit and endless love for her family.  She is a spitfire, yes, but that giggle…that giggle is infectious. Still my fav image of her I’ve ever taken, even though her talented mommy has bazillions from which to choose herself ;-). Oh, and she had us ALL cracking up when she found that mirror. Mom…I think she needs to get one of those in her room somehow. Maybe you can paint it pink and add some flowers to dress it up properly?


By the way, did you know her mommy is a Pinkle Toes Workshop graduate? AND I am SO excited I get to see her as well as 20+ other grads at our SECOND Pinkle Toes Workshop Reunion trip to New York City NEXT WEEK???????? Yeah, I’m a little excited and I cannot wait to hang with all of those talented ladies again AND see new friendships form as workshop groups from the past three years mingle and meet for the first time.

If you want to be a part of future workshop reunion trips (by the way, there is no fee to attend those reunions…just the cost of your trip, food, etc.), you simply have to have attended a Pinkle Toes workshop. We still have openings for one of the Austin workshops (where attendees get to stay at my home!) as well as Northern and Southern California and Washington (housing is included in all of those, too, and let me tell you, our hostesses have found some AMAZING spots!!). Oh, and the “Everything’s Better with a Friend” special offer is ending April 30th ;-).

ak-austin-senior-portraits-georgetown-mount-bonnell-couples-engagement-photography-pinkle-toesShe is a BUSY gal. Her boyfriend is a busy guy. And my oh my, we had to work very hard to get our schedules to align just perfectly. So you can imagine my worry when I saw a huge chance for rain on the very afternoon we were slated to shoot…outdoors…atop Mount Bonnell in Austin, TX. We pushed up our start time as much as we could to avoid the rain and darkness and I think we finished our session just in the “nick” of time!

She is such a lovely young lady and so patient climbing around through the rocks in high heels. And her beau was such the gentleman. I quite enjoyed working with them as a couple. They are good together. I am very excited to see what the future holds in store for her…and him…and the two of them together.

Still my fav (her idea!).

Graduating high school seniors, Class of 2015: NOW is the time to schedule your senior portrait photo session. Please, please don’t wait until next spring as my calendar fills up so quickly. Contact me ASAP for more info!

Apr 18, 2014

kp-austin-wildflower-family-outdoor-lifestyle-candid-photographerI’m pretty sure he was only two (right, Kara?) when we first started working together and let me tell you, he was SPEEDY! LOL. He’s still speedy, but in a different way…he’s so grown up now! And he makes me laugh with his hilarious expressions. But one thing is quite clear, he sure loves his parents and loves to be loved by them.

Speaking of love…we happened to do their photo session literally ON their 10 year wedding anniversary! Pretty outstanding, you two!!! So happy for you and for the life you’ve created together!

Still my fav. But this one *might* be tied.

Apr 18, 2014

nn-austin-maternity-pregnancy-portraits-hospital-st-davids-north-austin-medical-center-pinkle-toes-photographyWhen my sister had to check into the hospital due to PPROM–quite literally the day after her baby shower and and just one day shy of 25 weeks–the time was so tenuous. Pretty much all of her pregnancy has been tenuous and full of worry and fear. Not knowing how much longer she would be able to carry the babies, we did a few quick pictures of her beautiful belly as best we could in her hospital room. Love how Uncle Chad expertly covered the IV’s and hospital bracelets ;-).

My sister has been in/out of hospitals since January and spent every.single.day cooped up in a hospital here in Austin for the last FORTY days and counting. Really. Incredible. And things are still going well, girls are still getting stronger. These chickadees have made it PAST 28 weeks (a magical milestone) and PAST 30 weeks! They are so amazing! And lest we forget to thank Uncle Chad, who has taken diligent care of his wife while working full time and trying to maintain the house. Yup. This family is full of fighters…in a good way.

Oh, I can’t wait to meet these girls and let them know how proud we are of them. And of their parents. Not much longer, my friends. We could welcome them safely any day now and that is in an amazing place of happiness to be in right now. Sigh…

All this to say, I have joined in our family’s team for March of Dimes in Austin this May. While Jen’s babies are doing well and we don’t know when they’ll be born yet, we are much too aware of how many babies are born prematurely and the immeasurable challenges they face because of it. If you have just a few minutes and few dollars to spare, I would be so grateful if you would consider sponsoring me in the walk.



kg-authentic-austin-lifestyle-photography-kids-at-home-pinkle-toesAnd it did not disappoint. Why? This photoshoot for momma and her twin daughters embodies lifestyle photography. It’s fun! It’s relaxed! It’s documenting the activities that you do in everyday life. Those activities that seem small and insignificant at the time, but become part of your culture as a family. Cooking with your mom in the kitchen, dancing around in your playroom, snuggling up to watch your favorite Michael Jackson music video (Earth Song for the win!) in your pj’s. These are the things that memories are made of! My absolute fav shot from this session is HERE. I wonder, years down the road, what will be their favorite images from this session. Favs will probably even change over time. And again, that’s the beauty of capturing everyday life like this!

xoxo, K. Thank you so much for letting me do this for you and I hope you and your sweet little girls enjoy these images and the memories they contain for years and years and years to come!


This entire session felt like it could have been oil on canvas, really. Which is entirely suiting as she is an artist herself (I spy one of her works in these images, actually). She is a senior in high school, yet she is completely sure of who she is and the person she wants to become…she doesn’t even have to say it. Her eyes speak it.

I could relive this session over and over again and it would still be just as refreshing and invigorating as it was that evening. There is an unexplainable magic in the air when you are able to collaborate with people who contribute so much to and can somehow share your vision at the same time.  Photographer’s high.

Another image HERE and then see my FAV larger HERE.

Good luck, S, as you wrap up your final year of high school. I have no doubt great things are in store for you.

Class of 2015 – Juniors currently enrolled in Austin-area schools (Westlake, Georgetown, Round Rock, Plugerville, Lake Travis, etc.): NOW is the time to schedule your senior portrait session. I will be starting these sessions in December of this year through April of 2015. Do not wait! If you want images in time for your graduation, that window will close before you know it.

[As always, perfect hair and makeup by Katie at Modern Muse Beauty].

nu-modern-lifestyle-austin-family-newborn-baby-photographerI already knew these guys were awesome parents when I first worked with their family back when their eldest was a few months old. And now they are awesome parents to two sweet, beautiful little boys. I totally dig their style and laid-back nature. We had such a fun time at baby N’s newborn session…he made the cutest little faces! I love that we wore big bro out, too  ;-). Check out my FAV photo HERE and then my close 2nd HERE!

Side note: Clients and future clients – may I highly recommend getting a professional to do your hair/makeup for your photo session like this mommy did? Katie at Modern Muse Beauty does a fantastic job and honestly, it takes SO much pressure off of you before your session. Especially if you have small children…especially for a newborn session when you are trying so hard to get ready AND get a little one ready AND you are running on zero sleep. You can book her HERE – just select Pinkle Toes Session as the service needed and Katie will get in touch with you.

cf-austin-family-maternity-pregnancy-portraits-urban-downtown-modern-colorful-photographyI think it’s safe to say mission accomplished. How beautiful is she??? And they soon will be joined by a beautiful baby girl. Good thing she has her big brother to look after her. Loved this family shot HERE and this candid little moment HERE.

cm-austin-couples-engagement-bridal-wildflower-bluebonnet-photographerWe met up on a beautiful evening a few weeks ago to celebrate their engagement and upcoming wedding in true texas style: in the bluebonnets. Fun, fun couple with lots of energy and even more love between them! More bluebonnets HERE! And do you see the ladybug, too?

mine-austin-bluebonnets-texas-wildflower-pinkle-toes-photographyAnd it made me happy. I don’t do it as much as I used to, but when I do, it makes it that much more refreshing.