I think you all know by now I ADORE family photo sessions at home…especially when working with small children or larger groups of kiddos. It’s soooooo much easier for everyone. You tend to be more relaxed. You’re more comfortable. We can take more breaks if needed. Kiddos are in their own environment. But perhaps most importantly, you’ve captured where they lived and how they lived so that years from now, after they move away, they can always look back on these images and say, “Hey…I remember when I used to play with that toy.”

I met Brandi (a photographer!) last summer when she attended one of my professional photographer workshops. I knew I liked her right away and as I got to know her more, I realized she is quite the incredible mama! It was such an honor when she asked if I would photograph her family while I was in Houston this summer. Gosh, I was so impressed to see how they run their household first-hand (they are a GREAT team) and she just seems to bask in the glow of being a mommy, even when her youngest daughter decides to put on eyeliner just before the photo session. They have done a wonderful job cultivating these personalities and I can honestly say I loved every second of this session.

(Which ones are my favs from this session? Pretty much all of them, but to highlight, I love these ones HERE and HERE and HERE).