We took a bit of a gamble selecting the date for his First Birthday photo shoot, hoping that there would be at least a few sunflowers out in Austin by the time his session rolled around. Boy, did we win that bet, as this year we have been treated to a beautiful display of sunflowers.  Whenever I do these kind of milestone photo sessions, I intentionally don’t go back to look at the newborn photos until it’s time for me to blog the First Birthday images because I like to be surprised and wowed by how alike and how different babies can be from their first photo shoot when they were just a few days old to a whole year later. Mr. F was an absolutely ADORABLE newborn baby, there is no denying that. Looking back, yes I can see some of his features in his newborn photos, but my oh my, is it possible that he has gotten even MORE adorable over the course of a year???? His eyes are positively stunning (I remember we had to work very hard to get to see his eyes when we did his newborn photo shoot, lol) and that pout? Well, I can’t imagine anyone ever being able to tell him no for any reason. And he’s such a *good* kiddo, too. That’s the most fun part…getting to see a personality emerge over time. What a joy to see such a happy, healthy, handsome baby turning into a happy, healthy, handsome little boy!