This little guy was SUCH an angel for his newborn photo shoot! He was asleep and cozy when we needed him to be and then alert and curious for the later half of the session. It was really a perfect blend for newborn photos. I also loved that when I first arrived, there were mimosas (for two) and a bottle of milk (for one) to celebrate Dad’s birthday…my how life changes after having a baby, huh? And then…we got to go out and take photos around/in their adorable Casita! I can see so many wonderful memories being made for him as they travel together. The connection and love flowed with authenticity and ease among this sweet family. It really reminded me of why I like doing what I do so much: getting to see those interactions on such an intimate level, watching people actually become parents, seeing the looks of wonder over their baby and one another…enough to make my heart burst with joy! Favity fav HERE.